Midnite Express: “Sharpshooter”

News From Indian Country 6-09

Delivering their 10th album in less than 10 years, Midnite Express comes through with their latest release, “Sharpshooter” courtesy of Bear Traks Digital Media. The album’s title is a translation of the Lakota name of renowned powwow M.C. Jerry Dearly, Sr., Sutapi.

Dearly has served as an M.C., educator and mentor throughout the United States and is known for his knowledge concerning the language and culture of his Lakota people. Midnite Express proudly honors Mr. Dearly with this latest release of powwow songs sure to keep the critics happy.

No stranger to the winners’ circle, Midnite Express recently became the first northern drum in the history of the Gathering of Nations Powwow to win the “World Class Championship” two years in a row. “Sharpshooter” was released that weekend in Albuquerque and is being distributed internationally by Bear Traks Digital Media. The album boasts an impressive cover and jacket complete with photos, song notes, translations, and a short bio about Mr. Dearly.

The album begins with a hit from the 2008 summer, composed by MNX’s premier song composer Jeremy “Worm” Dearly, the son of “Sharpshooter.”  Nine of the album’s thirteen tracks are credited to Dearly, a common feature of Midnite Express’ albums. Dearly’s songs featured on this recording are just as good, if not better than previous releases.


The album’s title track, “Sharpshooter,” is a collaboration of the two Dearlys, with the Lakota lyrics by Jerry Sr., and the song composed by Worm. The song is rendered in a classic MNX style; a soft, slower beat, deep, powerful singing, with a second verse full of Lakota words.

Thirteen tracks composed by Dearly, Tyrone Tafoya, and Marcus Denny keep the album jamming and the listener happy.  The composers of MNX have an incredible ability of making new songs with new edges, sounds, and styles while maintaining that classic “Midnite “ sound. Fans of Midnite Express and powwow music lovers in general are sure to appreciate “Sharpshooter” for not only for the music it contains, but also for the insight and information printed in the album’s jacket.

The reader will be able to learn a little about Mr. Jerry Dealy, Sr. and the origins and meanings behind some of the group’s latest songs. Snappy contest songs, slow story-tellers, along with plenty of Saturday-Nighters” make “Sharpshooter” one of the most recommended cds of the 2009 season.                      

Midnite Express has yet to miss a beat, yet to lose a step, and still, after 10 albums in less than 10 years remain at the top of their game and at the top of powwow music’s elite groups.

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