First Annual Native American Film Fest & Celebration Kicks Off at Marquette University, Milwaukee

Milwaukee, October 2010

NATIVE PUNX, a new organization in Milwaukee, is bringing Native-focused films, cultural themes and vital topics together to showcase and celebrate the work of Native American filmmakers and actors, and to give voice to the important issues facing Native Americans today. In addition, the Film Fest will take an in depth look at the Native experience and perceptions documented through the use of film, and provide critical discussions facilitated by Native representatives.

A host of film shorts will be shown throughout the five-day Film Fest including: Pow Wow Dreams, Two Spirits-One Journey, The Migration, Indios Primeros, Ancestors Eyes and Edgar’s Journey. Feature films include: Standing Silent Nation, a documentary about industrial hemp followed by a presentation & discussion facilitated by actor, musician and spokesperson, Moses Brings Plenty (Lakota). The Only Good Indian, starring Wes Studi (Cherokee), best known for his performance in Dances With Wolves and Last of the Mohicans, to be followed by Wisconsin Native, activist and politician, Ada Deer. Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions, is a behind-the-scenes look at how author Adam E. Stone transformed his latest novel into a visual and audio experience. It will also be followed by a discussion including Stone, Thirza Defoe (Oneida / Ojibwe), who appears in the film, and photographer Sarah Dalby. A gallery exhibit of photos and artifacts from the film will also be on display.

The Film Fest kicks off Wednesday with the screening of Disney’s Pocahontas, deemed as “the Avatar of the 90’s”, will be followed by observations and commentary from generational Native women including a mother, daughter and grandmother. On Thursday, three video shorts will address the issue of race-based mascots and logos in Wisconsin schools, followed by representatives from both sides of this issue. Emerging information will affect the direction of this conversation.

Theme such as contemporary Native American life from reservation to urban areas, justice, faith & politics of indigenous people, green eco-medicine, interconnectedness and experimental film will be explored.

NATIVE PUNX – Native American Film Fest & Celebration is free and open to the public. Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The schedule is as follows: 

Wednesday, Oct. 13, 7:30 pm • Marquette - AMU Room 111
Film: Pocahontas followed by panel discussion

Thursday, Oct. 14, 7:30 pm • Marquette - Weasler’s Auditorium
Culture Wars Hit Wisconsin High Schools (3 videos) followed by panel discussion

Friday, Oct. 15, 7:30 pm  • Marquette - AMU Room 157
Film Shorts: Pow Wow Dreams;  Two Spirits, One Journey
Feature Film: Standing Silent Nation followed by Moses Brings Plenty Presentation

Saturday, Oct. 16, 7:30 pm  • Marquette - AMU Room 227
Film Shorts: The Migration;  Indios Primeros
Feature Film: The Only Good Indian followed by Ada Deer Presentation

Sunday, Oct. 17, 12:30 pm  • Marquette - Cudahy Hall, Room 101
Film Shorts: Ancestors Eyes;  Edgar’s Journey
Feature Film: Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions followed by discussion with the creator and novelist, Adam E. Stone, actress Thirza Defoe and photographer, Sarah Dalby.

Panelists and guest presenters include:
Moses Brings Plenty (Lakota)
Thirza Defoe (Oneida, Ojibwe)
Dona Yahola (Ojibwe, Lakota, Muskoge)
Marie Gilane (Bad River Ojibwe, Oneida)
Celine Gray
Ada Deer (Menominee)
Clif Morton
Phillip Frame (Eagle Butte Lakota)
Richie Plass (Menominee, Stockbridge-Munsee)
Alyssa Macy (Wasco, Navajo, Hopi)

Muskego-Norway /  Mukwanago School Administrators
Marquette University Teaching Staff
Marquette University Students

Native Punx is a new organization to cultivate awareness and raise consciousness through multidiciplinary arts. Rooted in Native American philosophy we welcome ALL people. Wisconsin’s 1st Annual Native American Film Fest & Celebration is a collaboration between Native Punx and Marquette University.
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For More Information, Contact:
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